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Unfortunately, online rental platforms attract all sorts of scammers. Identity theft, bank-, deposit-, and contract fraud are the most common kinds of scams. With our strict screening methods and integrated verification system, where every owner has to verify through linking social media and/or a phone number, fraud is almost non-existent on Rooming.

There are always scammers, however sly they may be, that somehow manage to get through. So be careful. Just remember: "if it sounds too good to be true, its too good to be true".

Read some handy tips below on how to recognize a scammer:

1. Read the advert carefully. Does the bedroom look like a hotelroom, or is the price too low in comparison to the size and location, then this is a reason to proceed with caution. If it seems too good to be true, then in most cases it unfortunately is.

2. Do not just sign anything. Make sure that you have always seen the house and your landlord before signing anything. This is to avoid any disappointment afterwards. Once you sign the rental agreement you are bound to it, and your landlord can keep you to the terms you have agreed to.

3. Never cooperate with the 'bank-account' check. You may be asked to transfer a small amount, like 5 or 10 cents, to a certain account to check your bank account. Never do this! Scammers use this method to activate an account that is already in your name that they only need to activate through this transfer (similar to opening an account on PayPap). Through this they connect the two accounts, and they can go shopping with your money.

4. Never transfer the deposit/rent in advance! Say you have found your dream house and are in seemingly reliable contact with the owner. Why not just transfer the 1st month rent in advance in return for the key? He has already sent you a copy of his passport, what can go wrong? Never do this! Scammers often use the excuse that they are abroad and this is why they can't meet. Their passport copy is a stolen one or simply not real. As soon as you transfer the money, you will not hear anything from the owner and it won't surprise you that the key will never arrive.

Up-front payment

5. Never just send someone your personal information. There are owners that ask for a filled in request form, a copy of your passport, proof of income (eg. a recent paycheck) and a copy of your employment contract. Same goes as before, don't do it! These people are scammers out for identity theft. By sending them all your personal information, you can get into a lot of trouble. They can now commit fraud under your name, after which debt collectors can come to your doorstep demanding their money back.

Identity theft

6. As a final note: if you still don't trust it, send us an e-mail or messages us in the live chat! Our team of experiences housing specialist will gladly help you out.

Help! Eén van de bovenstaande zaken is bij mij voorgekomen. Wat kan ik nu doen? What to do in case of a scam