Rooming, renting with a face.

It is time for something new, time for a housing platform that does things a little different. A Platform that makes use of the latest techniques and insightful images, leading to fast matches.

For Owners this means a place where tenants can be found quickly and easily. Through a handy Dashboard, the Owner can manage multiple responses and adverts from just one place. The endless e-mailing back and forth is in the past. Rooming also offers information about possible mutual friends with potential tenants, and as an Owner you can independently start looking for a suitable tenant. Forget about the overly expensive broker! It is way too fun to rent out your own place through Rooming, completely for free!

Rooming also offers the tenant a place where simplicity is the top priority. By linking to Facebook, you can create a free profile in under a minute. You can also use the uncluttered and clear Dashboard to respond to rooms, houses and apartments that are offered. Overflowing mailboxes or accidentally deleted messages are no more!

Rooming puts the focus on user-friendliness and reliability, through which a unique platform has been created. A rental platform where you know who you are renting to, and who you are renting from.