Rent out a house for sale

How can I rent out my house temporarily if it's currently for sale?

Because nowadays it can take quite a while before you're house is sold, it has been made easier to rent out vacant homes. This is very useful when you have already bought a house or are planning to buy a new house. The plans are;

  • When the house if for sale, the owner can determine the rental price. The municipality will however use the 'point system' for rental homes to determine a maximum price, this will be registered in the permit that will be issued. The permit is valid for five years.
  • Municipalities cannot add extra requirements that are not in the 'Leegstandwet' to the temporary renting out of homes currently for sale.
  • Private homeowners can only rent out a maximum of 2 houses for sale at the same time.
  • The renting out of demolition- and renovation housing can be for a period a maximum 7 years (currently this maximum is set at 5 years).
  • Vacant office buildings, or other buildings without a specific purpose, can be rented out for 10 years as a living space (currently this is maximum 5 years). If for the use of the space an exemption has been made from its zoning plan, then the permit can be extended for a maximum period of 10 years.
  • Homeowners can request more than 1 permit for temporary renting out if there is a minimum time period of 5 years between the period when the home isn't rented out.

The government has voted in favor of the new 'Leegstandwet' on March 26th. If the next voting is also in favor, then these changes will probably happen on the 1st of July 2013.

Which living spaces are also suitable for temporary renting out?

According to the Dutch 'leegstandwet' you can rent out the following properties temporarily:

  • Living space in a building (housing/rooms that have been set up in an empty office building for instance)
  • Living space in a house for sale that:
    • Hasn't been lived in yet (new)
    • In the 12 months prior to the house being empty, it has been lived in by the owner.
    • Or in the 10 years before the house was empty, it has only been (fully or partially) been rented out for 3 years.
  • Living space in a rental home that will be demolished or renovated. The renovation has to be quite drastic and happen in the short term.

How can I request a permit?

The permit for temporary renting out of vacant houses and proporties can be requested on at the municipality . Additionally, you need permission from the bank or another mortgage provider. These institutions can set conditions for their permission, such as using the profit from the rent to pay back the mortgage. Don't forget to inform your insurance provider about the renting out.

source: Government