After the launch Rooming has gotten a lot of media attention. An overview of the press so far:

Rooming: Best Facebook match between tenants and owners

"...the odds that a tenant will end up by the front door with a fake key or that the owner will be left with a damaged apartment, will be much smaller."


Startup takes the realtor out of the game by using Facebook

"...this makes the process a lot more reliable. It works similarly to, only then for the long term."


Get a good impression of your tenant through Facebook

"...since everyone has a Facebook-account nowadays, you can use that to see if you're in touch with a reliable person."

De Volkskrant

Rooming uses Facebook to link the supply and demand of the rental market

"Rooming is a housing platform where demand and supply meet under the social watchful eyes of Facebook."


Start-up promises to make rental market transparent

"The design and user friendliness are of a higher quality in comparison to many competitors."

Thijs Gitmans from Peak Capital in the Financieele Dagblad

Rooming uses Facebook to link the supply and demand of the rental market

"Forget the expensive broker or mediation agencies. The newest trend to find or rent out a house is with the help of Facebook."

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