Letting your property has never been easier

For the past twelve years, Rooming has found perfect matches between tenants and landlords, simply by promoting the properties you wish to let on our various marketing channels - for free! Our wide range of channels and smart features will increase your reach and trigger an enormous increase in responses from potential tenants that match your ideal tenant profile.

All properties placed on our platform will be rewritten and tweaked, before being automatically translated into English and Dutch. This special feature will boost your reach and help you target expats as well. Rooming’s team and system are at the ready to list your property/properties. We work with several interfaces that can automatically transfer, list and process your data, so you can start receiving responses to your listing in Rooming’s messaging system right away. Does a tenant meet your tenant profile? Match! You can start letting your property. Letting your property has never been easier.

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Let your property on Rooming.

You will have direct contact with the tenant

Simply see Rooming as your matchmaker. Once a match has been made, you can get in touch with the potential tenant any way you like. Rooming has its own messaging system that you can use to communicate with potential tenants, but you can also contact them through other channels.

Know your tenant

All homeseekers on Rooming have a detailed tenant profile, allowing you to draw up a quick shortlist of interesting tenants. Ultimately, our matching system will find the most suitable tenant for your specific tenant profile, so you know exactly who you’re letting to!

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Letting a home as a real estate agent?

Are you a real estate agent looking to let multiple properties? The Rooming platform boasts a wide range of features to help you find the right tenant. You can automatically import properties from your real estate software, for instance, and will have access to a more extensive profile.

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Letting a home as a real estate agent?

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