Letting your property has never been easier

For the past twelve years, Rooming has found perfect matches between domestic and international students and landlords. We will promote your listed rooms on various marketing channels free of choice, boosting your reach. Our ‘smart features’ will magnify this effect, as all room descriptions are rewritten and translated into English and German. You will notice an enormous increase in the number of responses from both domestic and international homeseekers that match your preferred tenant profile.

Rooming’s system features several interfaces that can automatically transfer, list and process your data, so you can start receiving responses to your listing in Rooming’s messaging system right away. Once you’ve found the right tenant, you can start letting your room. Letting a room has never been easier.

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Let your property on Rooming.

You will have direct contact with the tenant

Rooming will find you a perfect match. Once you have been matched with a tenant, selected especially to meet your preferred profile, you can get in touch with them via our very own messaging system. If you’d prefer communicating via a different channel, such as via e-mail, by phone or some other way, you can contact your potential tenant any way you like.

Know your tenant

All prospective tenants on Rooming are asked to put together a detailed profile during their search, providing a clear overview of their interests, as well as any mutual connections you may have. These profiles are a great way to make a shortlist, help you find that perfect match, and know exactly who you’re letting to.

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Letting an apartment as a real estate agent?

Are you a real estate agent looking to let multiple properties? The Rooming platform boasts a multitude of features to help you find the right tenant. You can automatically import properties from your real estate software, for instance, and will have access to a more extensive profile.

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Letting a home as a real estate agent?

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