Quickly start renting a room

Do you want to rent a room quickly through a modern platform that stands for transparency and user friendliness? Rooming thinks simple, which results into a very user-friendly online platform. This way you can find a new room super quickly and very easily. Within a few clicks you can sign up and start your search.

Renting from verified owners

Do you want to rent a room and be able trust that you will have honest and reliable owners? Rooming facilitates the search to a suitable room and ensures a diverse and current offer. Thanks to our modern verification methods through Social Media profiles such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you will only be dealing with reliable owners.

Modern and transparent

Rent an apartment and make use of a refreshing new platform? Rooming puts together the modern day possibilities with an innovative rental platform that leads to matches even faster. Thanks to our focus on ease-of-use and transparency, a unique platform has been set up. Within a minute you could have a Rooming profile and get started finding your room.

Rooming thinks with you

Renting a room through a modern platform that thinks along with you? As soon as your Rooming profile has been created, we make sure that owners are alerted immediately about your subscription and your specific preferences. The Rooming platform automatically matches tenants and owners, after which its only a small step to proceed with further communication. You are completely free to do whatever you choose, without any interference. You don't have to worry about the small details and can focus fully on finding a suitable room.

Start finding your room

Start looking for your new room now! Your Rooming profile can be set up within one minute. Would you like to know more about renting a room or do you have questions for the Rooming team? Please ask us any questions you may have. Feel free to take a look at our frequently asked questions for more useful information.
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