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Are you going to study at the university in Leiden or at the Hogeschool Leiden? Then the next step is to go to rooms in this special city. After all, what could be better than becoming independent and being able to do what you want to do yourself? Living in one house with other students of the same age and with the same interest. That sounds like music to your ears. Before that happens, you'll have to find a room. In student cities such as Leiden, this can be quite a job. Often you have to participate in hospitality evenings and the competition is so fierce that you don't stand a chance. At Rooming you can easily find a suitable room in Leiden that meets your needs.

Busy searching
Boerhaavelaan (Leiden)
Room · Unspecified time period
available from 31-10-2019
posted: 18-11-2019 22:41
35 m²
Oude Rijn (Leiden)
Room · Unspecified time period
available from 03-08-2018
posted: 03-08-2018 22:04
23 m²
Cleveringaplaats (Leiden)
Room · Unspecified time period
available from 15-11-2017
posted: 15-11-2017 13:56
10 m²

Rent a room in Leiden at Rooming

The offer on Rooming is regularly updated so that the offer is displayed up to date. The range of rooms in Leiden varies between rooms that can be rented for a certain period of time and rooms that can be rented for an indefinite period of time. It is also possible to choose a bare, upholstered or furnished room. Rooms in Leiden that are rented out for a certain period of time can often be rented furnished. That way you don't have to buy furniture for a few months.

Rooming is looking for suitable rooms

If you are looking for a room, you can respond directly to the current offer of rooms in Leiden. You will then be in direct contact with the landlord. When you register with Rooming, you fill in your living wishes, so that Rooming also knows your requirements for a room in Leiden. In this way, Rooming will make a match between you and a landlord. You will then be introduced to the landlord. The homeowner in Leiden will also have the opportunity to approach you. When a new interesting room in Leiden becomes available, you will be notified immediately.

Easy communication via the Dashboard

Renting a room is very easy at Rooming. Rooming provides matches between landlord and house-hunters. When a match is made, further communication between you will take place. No broker or other party intervenes here. In the first instance, communication takes place via the Dashboard. This way you will not receive all mails in your personal mailbox. Through the Dashboard you can easily mail with the landlord. All contact can be found and managed here.

No registration time, hospitality evenings or income requirement

Are you tired of being a hospital resident and then receiving a disappointing message that you didn't become one after all? At Rooming you don't have to be a landlady to be eligible for a room in Leiden. Nor is it necessary to build up registration time, as is the case with many other parties. If you have found a property that meets your requirements, you can respond immediately. Because you can rent a house at Rooming privately but also through an intermediary, you do not have to meet an income requirement.