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Reliable offer through verification of the owner

Because every owner has to verify himself on Rooming through social media or phone number, the platform always has very reliable apartments available. On top of this, we have a team of professionals that screens the availability daily. Rooming is a modern-day rental platform, where quality and transparency are the most important.
Direct contact with the owner

Direct contact with the owner

You should see Rooming as your personal match-maker: we will facilitate the contact, but the communication will always be directly between you and the owner. No interference of an annoying realtor, or any other kind of mediator.

With our messaging system you can easily manage the different conversations with different owners, this will keep you from having an overflowing inbox. You can also see when the owner was last online and whether your response has been read.

We match you

Besides actively responding to available housing yourself, Rooming will also do its best to help you find a house as soon as possible. How? After you have signed up and specified what kind of house you're looking for, we will introduce you to owners. This means they can also approach you!

Besides this, we always keep you up-to-date on the latest availability. As soon as an advert is posted that matches your requirements, we will notify you of this.
Know where you're renting

Know where you're renting

Besides a match with the house or owner, we also make sure you have a perfect match with the neighborhood! On Rooming we can display the street view of the house, and we can show all public facilities in the neighborhood that have been tagged by fellow tenants.

Besides this, you can use de Buurtengids to find all the hotspots in your future neighborhood. This way you can avoid any disappointment afterwards. The neighborhood where you will be least is just as important as the house itself!

Questions? Feel free to ask them by e-mail or chat

If you still have questions, feel free to ask. You can do this by e-mail (an answer within 24h) or through live chat on work-days between 9:00 and 17:00.
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