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Why you can find the correct apartment on Rooming

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Rooming will help you rent an apartment that’s right for you. We update our selection of apartments, offered by a wide range of letting agencies and landlords, every day. If you don’t find the right apartment today, Rooming can keep you informed of any new listings that might be just what you’re looking for.

Rooming has an online, transparent, user-friendly platform that will match you with the perfect apartment. We make life easier: there’s no need to worry about hashing out all the details with a middleman.

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About Rooming

Rooming is the premier online platform for renting and letting properties. Our matching system will find just the right tenant for the landlord’s property. It’s a simple idea: ‘you know who you’re renting from and who you’re letting to’. Rooming allows people to rent and let properties in a secure environment by verifying and checking all users. Reliability is at the heart of our business.

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Looking for an apartment that that ticks all your boxes?

Rooming will make your quest for the perfect apartment easier by finding an ideal match between you and a reliable landlord. Just apply your filtered preferences and Rooming will pair you with an apartment. After the match, the ball will really get rolling: get in touch with the landlord and who knows, you may soon find yourself moving in to your perfect apartment.

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