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Rent a starters apartment without any worries

Do you want to rent an apartment from an honest and reliable owner? Through Rooming you can quickly find an apartment without having to worry about the small things. We take a lot of work off your hands, and thanks to our modern verification methods you can always count on a quick match with a reliable owner. By linking Social Media, you quickly get a clear impression of the owner. Renting an apartment has never been so simple and transparent.

Simple contact and a quick match

Rooming matches you directly to owners of available apartments . As soon as there is a match between you and and the owner, we leave the follow up and contact up to you. Simple, quick, and transparent. Through your personal dashboard you can manage the most interesting matches and apartments in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague.

Don't miss your chance

Do you want to rent an apartment and stay well-informed? Rooming makes sure that owners are aware of your subscription, and actively introduces you to interesting owners. This leads to a huge boost, because then owners that have an apartment that matches your requirements can contact you directly. Of course we also always keep you up to date on the latest availability of apartments. We really can't make it any simpler.

Get to know everything about your new neighborhood

Besides a suitable apartment, of course you also want to know everything about the neighborhood where you will be living. For instance about the available facilities. We can help you with this by painting a complete picture of your neighborhood. Thanks to the useful Neighborhood guide we can give you a complete street view of your apartment and you will be aware of all the local hotspots.

Get started finding your match

Do you want to be able to start the search for your apartment right away? Or do you want to know more about renting an apartment first? Feel free to ask us any questions or take a look at the frequently asked questions section for useful information.
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