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Rent an apartment in Amsterdam quickly and easily

It is not easy to get living space in Amsterdam, you will have noticed that by now. The demand for homes, rooms and apartments is huge, both for students and non-students. There are also too many incidents where renting and renting out homes has not been fair, making it extra important that renting an apartment in Amsterdam is reliable. Rooming offers the solution.

At Rooming.nl we brainstormed to come up with a solution to the problem so that renting and renting your apartment is more reliable and easier. You always have direct contact with landlords via Rooming. Since both tenants and landlords have to verify themselves through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or their telephone number, you also have a picture of the person who lets the apartment.

Through the filters on the left it is possible to find an apartment in Amsterdam that fits your preferences. Do you not see any rental options to your liking at the moment? Then you can register yourself so that you receive an e-mail as soon as new rental options are available, then you are one of the first to view the new rental options.

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Grensstraat - - - - -... (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 19-02-2019
posted: 19-02-2019 20:29
69 m²
Hobbemastraat - - - -... (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 19-02-2019
posted: 19-02-2019 19:04
53 m²
Sumatrastraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 16-02-2019
posted: 16-02-2019 17:16
80 m²
Nieuwezijds Voorburgw... (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 10-02-2019
posted: 10-02-2019 06:11
50 m²
Rentmeesterslaan (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 07-02-2019
posted: 07-02-2019 03:35
45 m²
Derde Kostverlorenkad... (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Temporary
of 06-04-2019 until 01-07-2019
posted: 06-02-2019 15:56
8 m²
Hoogte Kadijk (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Temporary
of 05-07-2019 until 15-09-2019
posted: 04-02-2019 12:39
75 m²
Faas Wilkesstraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 01-03-2019
posted: 25-01-2019 15:16
50 m²
Leidesestraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 01-04-2019
posted: 24-01-2019 08:12
65 m²
kinkerstraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Temporary
of 12-01-2019 until 31-12-2019
posted: 05-01-2019 22:45
50 m²
Amstelvlietstraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 05-01-2019
posted: 04-01-2019 21:23
70 m²
Sint Luciënsteeg (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 29-12-2018
This is a mediator · posted: 29-12-2018 20:01
50 m²
Sint Luciënsteeg (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 27-12-2018
This is a mediator · posted: 27-12-2018 15:50
50 m²
Haarlemmerstraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 20-12-2018
This is a mediator · posted: 20-12-2018 20:41
85 m²
kinrooistraat (Amsterdam)
Apartment · Temporary
of 15-12-2018 until 15-07-2019
posted: 13-12-2018 18:27
65 m²
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Rent apartment in Amsterdam without a broker

If you rent or rent through Rooming you have no (financial) burden of any brokerage costs that a broker would charge for renting an apartment. Since you are in direct contact with the landlord, you can choose how the contact goes. You can make the choice to keep all the contact on the Rooming.nl website, but you can also choose to continue the contact via telephone. The choice is yours!

Rooming will not stand between you and the tenant, we will put you in touch with the landlord and the rest of the contact will be left entirely to you. If you run into problems in contact with the landlord or simply have questions, it is always possible to contact Rooming.nl, we will be happy to give you advice without any obligation and in the event of any dispute try to do as well as possible. act to resolve this.

Apartment in Amsterdam completely to your liking

At Rooming we know that your apartment should suit you, so we have given you the possibility to obtain an apartment according to your wishes by means of filters. Are you quite shielded in terms of personality? Then it might be more sensible for you to rent an apartment with no or few housemates. Do you like to meet new people and create social ties? Then it can be fun to choose a larger number of roommates. The smokers among us can benefit from smoking indoors. Also, not every landlord is a fan of pets, so if you would like to bring a pet to your new apartment it is wise to switch on the filter for pets. So you do not run into unexpected things. Everyone has different wishes at an apartment, through Rooming you ensure that all these wishes are fulfilled so that you will soon occupy the apartment that exactly suits you.

Rental possibilities in the neighborhood of Amsterdam

If you can not find an apartment to your liking between all rental options in Amsterdam? That can happen, especially if you want to stay informed of any new rental options for apartments in Amsterdam, but there are also other options. If it really does not matter to you whether you rent a home, apartment or room, it may be interesting to take a look at the other rental options in Amsterdam. You can also choose to rent a room in Amsterdam or rent an entire house in Amsterdam. It is especially advisable in Amsterdam to keep your options open because of the large rental demand in our capital.

Rent an apartment in Amsterdam

At Rooming we always look for new landlords, so if you have living space in Amsterdam and surroundings and see possibilities to rent out this living space we would love to hear from you! Through Rooming.nl you can rent your home without any costs and you also have a picture of the person or persons who want to rent your living space, so you know for sure that the person who ends up in your house is reliable. You can also choose to approach potential tenants manually. Since tenants have to pay a small amount to get in touch with landlords, you only have to deal with potential tenants who are actually interested in what you offer.
So if you are interested in renting an apartment, house or room in Amsterdam and surroundings, then you can offer your rental options on Rooming.nl and find a tenant within no time.