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Groningen is a city with a fascinating history, a vibrant student life and is also a well-known city for trade and industry. The city has more than 200,000 inhabitants, of this large number are about 57,000 of them students. This is therefore more than a quarter of the inhabitants of the entire city, so it is safe to say that Groningen is a real student city. Are you starting your study in Groningen next year and are you looking for a nice and well-located apartment in the lively student city? Then of course you are looking for an apartment for a reasonable price. That is possible, simply by using Rooming's unique rental platform in a good way.

Via Rooming.nl you rent and rent without having to worry about reliability. At Rooming we want to guarantee the reliability of renting or letting. In order to realize this, Rooming users are obliged to identify and verify themselves, this can be done through a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account or your telephone number. Because the majority of users of Rooming.nl verify themselves through Facebook, landlords and tenants immediately see the interests of the other party. Because of this you also know exactly who you are facing.

Renting an apartment in Groningen does not have to be expensive at Rooming.nl! Through the rental platform of Rooming you can ensure that you only see the rental possibilities that fit the wishes you have for an apartment. It is also possible to set a minimum and maximum price, so that an apartment will always fall into your price range. Does Rooming sound like a rental platform where you would be standing behind? Then sign up so that you are always aware of the latest rental options.

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Gedempte Zuiderdiep (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 11-03-2019
This is a mediator · posted: 11-03-2019 15:15
86 m²
Parklaan 29 (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 08-03-2019
posted: 08-03-2019 16:21
40 m²
Oude Kijk in 't Jatst... (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 01-05-2019
posted: 05-03-2019 15:10
100 m²
Korreweg (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 28-02-2019
posted: 28-02-2019 19:55
26 m²
Westerbinnensingel (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 01-02-2019
posted: 24-01-2019 11:58
45 m²
Pluimerstraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 24-01-2019
posted: 24-01-2019 10:46
60 m²
Pluimerstraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 27-09-2018
posted: 27-09-2018 17:30
90 m²
Moesstraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 14-09-2018
posted: 14-09-2018 08:16
60 m²
Grunostraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 04-08-2018
posted: 04-08-2018 15:17
80 m²
Nieuwe Ebbingestraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Temporary
of 01-05-2018 until 01-05-2019
posted: 11-02-2018 14:13
70 m²
Slachthuisstraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 01-09-2015
This is a mediator · posted: 12-08-2015 03:02
12 m²
Van Heemskerckstraat (Groningen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 04-08-2015
This is a mediator · posted: 05-08-2015 03:02
90 m²

Private apartment renting in Groningen

If you prefer to enter the student life with a private apartment in Groningen, this is understandable, housemates are not for everyone of course. Through Rooming you can realize your dream apartment by means of the filters on the left. By putting the filter on 'no roommates' you will then only see the available apartments in Groningen where you will not have any roommates.

By setting up the search filters in a tactical way, you ensure that your potential apartment in Groningen meets all the requirements you have. For example, you can filter the search results on Rooming.nl by 'private bathroom' or even 'pets welcome' if you would like to bring your pet or plan to take a pet when you have an apartment. It is also not crazy to want a kitchen or private bathroom, therefore we have also set up a search filter for 'own kitchen' and 'private bathroom'. For example, there are several other search filters to make your search for a suitable apartment in Groningen faster and easier.

Apartment renting in Groningen without a real estate agent

If you are looking for an apartment to rent via a broker, this broker will charge you mediation costs. These include:

  • Administration costs
  • Rental costs
  • Registration fee
  • Other costs incurred in the interest of the tenant (such as applying for a permit or applying for housing allowance)

Through Rooming you pay as a tenant purely for the bringing into contact of you with the landlord, fortunately this is not a huge amount. Also, in most cases you will not have to deal with a real estate agent. This also ensures that you only have contact with the landlord, so you immediately have a good picture of who you are facing and of course also mutual.

This contact can take place via the Rooming website, however this is not mandatory. You can change the contact method as you wish. Do you prefer to have telephone contact with the landlord? Then that is certainly possible. You can also choose to contact us via WhatsApp or other channels, it is entirely up to you.

Many of the people who want to rent an apartment through Rooming are students who have not yet lived in their own homes or have not yet had to rent. The period in which you are looking for an apartment can be a hectic and confusing period where support is wanted or even necessary.

It goes without saying that Rooming is always approachable in the event that you have questions about or run into any problems. Rooming will then help you to the best of its ability. Do not be afraid to contact us so that we can offer you support in finding your dream apartment.

Rent apartment, room or apartment through Rooming

Will you go abroad in the near future and leave your apartment, room or house in Groningen empty? Then renting your property in Groningen may be an option! By renting out your home while you are on vacation (or for another reason you have a house where no one lives) you make sure that you earn some holiday money.