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Maastricht is known as one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, so Maastricht even had residents before the Roman occupation. There is evidence that Maastricht even existed 500 years before Christ. A very cultural city, with a rich history and a pleasant student life. A great city to spend your student time in!

Are you looking for a spacious apartment in Maastricht? This is of course possible through Rooming. Not everyone likes to live with other students and if you have the money for it, the possibilities in terms of apartments are endless. This way you can find exactly the apartment through Rooming, which meets all the requirements you set for this. You can also add the size of your desired apartment.

Reliable renting and renting is a very high priority at Rooming, which is why we have our users authenticate themselves via a Social Media account or a telephone number. With this verification system it is not only safe to rent, but as a tenant and landlord you also have a clearer picture of the interested party, possible common friends and potential shared interests. This way you can be sure that the person you are in contact with can be trusted and you will not run into unexpected problems or fraudsters.

Do you notice that there are currently no interesting rental options in Maastricht in the area of apartments? It may be interesting to rent the options for a room in Maastricht. If you do not see any relevant options here or you simply do not want to rent a room, it is possible to register with Rooming. As soon as you are registered in the system you will receive a message in your inbox with the latest rental options. So you may be the first to know about your dream apartment in Maastricht.

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Nice spacious APartme... (Maastricht)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 26-11-2018
posted: 19-11-2018 05:30
40 m²
Sint Annalaan (Maastricht)
Apartment · Temporary
of 01-04-2018 until 01-07-2018
posted: 26-02-2018 18:07
80 m²

Apartment for rent Maastricht without a real estate agent

Rent an apartment in Maastricht at Rooming without a broker. A broker will in most cases charge additional matters, you can think of administration costs or costs for applying for rent allowance in your interest.

At Rooming you have no problems at all here, because you rent directly from the landlord and you only have contact with the landlord. No middleman who makes it all the more difficult, so finding a suitable apartment is difficult and tiring enough. You also immediately have an image of the landlord, so that after some time a bond of trust is created.

The contact is therefore also directly between you and the landlord, you can continue this contact via various channels to your own preference. It is always possible to make contact via the Rooming platform at any time. In addition, you can of course always choose to have the contact go via a telephone call or WhatsApp. All options are open and Rooming will not interfere with the progress of the contact. It is of course possible to contact Rooming if you encounter problems during the contact or the search for an apartment. Our team will provide you with immediate support, whatever you are against!

Apartment rent Maastricht private

If you really want an apartment for yourself, you can also indicate this to Rooming by using the search filters. For example, by means of a 'slider' you can indicate between which sizes your apartment should be located (for example 15 square meters - 30 square meters). In this way you ensure that you can not find any undesirable results between the rental options.

This search filter can also be set on things such as the rent, the way the apartment is delivered and the other requirements that you place on your potential apartment. Under 'other requirements' also apply such things as the ability to smoke inside. Often this is not a necessity, but some people find it very nice to have the opportunity.

You can also set a search filter if you would like Wi-Fi to be present in your future apartment. For example, there are several other search filters with which you finally get the apartment that exactly meets all the conditions you can think of.

Rent apartment at Rooming

Renting an apartment in Maastricht is also possible at Rooming. Rooming is completely free for landlords. If you have another apartment available that you would like to rent (temporarily or permanently) you really only have to indicate where your apartment is located, what the surface and price is, when it is available and how long it is available. You also need to add some photos of your apartment and you have the opportunity to describe your home in smells and colors.