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Nijmegen belongs to the largest ten cities in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of Gelderland, close to Germany. With a population of almost 175,000 people, it is the largest city in the east of the Netherlands. It is a city where many young people live. By far the largest group of residents is between 20 and 29 years. This makes the city very attractive for students, because Nijmegen is one of the nicest student cities in the Netherlands.

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Graafseweg (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 18-09-2018
posted: 16-09-2018 09:39
90 m²
St. Annastraat (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 14-09-2018
posted: 14-09-2018 19:51
50 m²
Platolaan (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 06-09-2018
posted: 06-09-2018 09:48
124 m²
z (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Temporary
of 04-04-2018 until 01-04-2018
posted: 25-03-2018 09:12
1 m²
Piet Heinstraat (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Unspecified time period
available from 15-03-2018
posted: 30-01-2018 12:37
40 m²
van somerenstraat (Nijmegen)
Apartment · Temporary
of 01-01-2018 until 01-04-2018
posted: 31-10-2017 00:35
48 m²

Apartment to rent in Nijmegen

It is not easy to find a nice apartment in this growing city that is also furnished. At Rooming you can easily and quickly see if the apartment you respond to meets your requirements. Because you can select your preferences, we ensure that only relevant apartments are shown to you.

Do you want to rent cheaply? Then you can indicate this by adjusting the bar with minimum and maximum. This way we ensure that you can immediately look for the apartment that you prefer, and that you have a cheap but good deal. You can also select whether you want to have roommates, or not. Because some people find it very annoying that they have to share the bathroom and kitchen with other people.

Rent and rent with a face

You can quickly see who is letting the apartment because we link the social media account of the landlord to the house. This way we ensure that our offer remains reliable and realistic. You can also see the interests of the person, so you may have a quicker click with the landlord.

It is also easier to communicate with the landlord by adding the telephone number. So you can easily and quickly send an app with your questions and the landlord can give an answer. So no interaction from a third person is required, we believe that direct communication helps. We omit the time of the endless back and forth mailing by the new technology. In addition, we make Rooming matches, so it is also possible that a landlord contact you.

Rent an apartment in Nijmegen quickly and conveniently

If you want to rent an apartment quickly and easily, you are also at the right address here at Rooming. By making our interface as customer-friendly as possible, you can quickly and transparently see what you are going to pay per month and whether this is in or exclusive of gas, water and light. All this to make it easy and fast.

Renting in the neighborhood of Nijmegen

Should it happen that there is no apartment in Nijmegen itself, then you can choose to look in the Nijmegen region quickly and easily. For example, rent an apartment in Arnhem , also a big city, which is also nearby. If you really want to live in Nijmegen then you can also choose to look for other options in Nijmegen, for example a room in Nijmegen. This is because we think it is important that you end up in the right place.