Sublet a house, room or apartment

Can I sublet my house?

There are different kinds of subletting that are permitted, having tenants move into the house with you, or having someone move in to look after your home.

Moving in

In this case, part of the house (a room) is rented out by the main tenant, that also still lives in the house. The subtenant does not require a housing permit, but the main tenant does.


Subletting an entire house is only temporarily permitted if the owner (or current tenant) can prove he is residing elsewhere, but will return to the house. This can be for a period from three months up to a year. After this year sometimes an extension of another year is possible. The permission of the owner (private or housing corporation) is required, and in some cases also the permission of the municipality. This has to be requested before the main tenant leaves the house.

Housesitting is only possible if you are temporarily leaving the house for:
  • Work or study
  • A journey
  • Nursing or care elsewhere
  • Imprisonment
  • (trial) living together
  • Remigration
Housesitting is not possible if:
  • The absence of the main tenant is unnecessary or not provable
  • The presented caretaker is younger than 18
  • The subletter has his own independent house, that will be left without a tenant due to the subletting.